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dont forget these classic mastodon memes:
* scrape bowly
* five million
* there’s a thing under my bed andy
* steve,s

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Ladies, if he:

- Never responds to your texts
- Travels for years ignoring everyone
- Is tiny
- Literally goes right through you
- Changes flavour by oscillation

He's not your man. He's a #neutrino

how are y’all sorry i’ve been away miss ya

two photos I took from my backyard of the full moon and lunar eclipse totality tonight, just a couple hours apart.

is it valid to possess a ginormous behind

moon making me drift into bizarre dream world — i’ll see y’all later, gonna be quite a different day tomorrow i think

YA novel: Bethaniel was always a fierce child, even as a girl...
Me: fascinating, and did she have firey red hair
YA Novel: She had firey red hair...
Me: wow incredble

this is wild y'all: @realmaxkeeble just joined voice chat on Hbomberguy's stream!!

I just keep moving my book closer to me in hopes that I'll end up reading it rather than posting, but no dice so far

😤🖥️ once i figure out how to mix audio and render video, it's over for all you tooters.

🐦🎙️ episode 2 of Nothing But The Toot coming in like... i dunno. ten hours? six? tomorrow morning? how did this get here i'm not good with computer.


enbyphobia but in a weird way, RMS Show more

how to access demonic trans dimensional rift? (urgent)

owning the libs by exploring nature and embracing collectivity

fashy language grrr Show more

getting all of mastodon to travel to cambridge to see the play tomorrow night

remember to CW your tech jokes with "THIS IS A JOKE" so men don't get upset thinking you're dumb enough to think spent lemon rinds are a legitimate source of infosec data

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harry you put down those cheese cubes at once