@neufv This is actually asking if you're mentally stable or you identify as some kind of made up gender.

Example 1:
A: Are you a boy or girl?
B: Yeah, I'm one of those two.
A: Alright, I'll just mark yes then.

Example 2:
A: Are you a boy or girl?
C: How dare you, you cis scum?! You're literally worse than Hitler. There are more than just two genders. I'll have you know I sexually identify as a paperclip and my pronouns weeble and waafle.
A: Alright, you could have just said no. It's only a yes or no question.
@neufv Me too. I can't wait until the migration script is ready so I can leave that pile of rails crap behind. (this is just a test Pleroma instance that'll get wiped)

@neufv Yes, I am a boy or a girl.
A perfectly valid answer in boolean logic.
Even no is a valid answer for persons not identifying neither as boy nor girl.

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